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Let's Explore the entire North Coast Area! Work hard but don't forget to play!!!

Welcome to! Neo (Northeast Ohio) is the Home of the NBA National Champs, The Cleveland Cavaliers, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. NE Ohio is coming back and we are ALL IN!! We all live here to work hard and enjoy ourselves! There is no better place than NE Ohio! We welcome all the tourists who want to share our bounty! Let's get out and experience the music... and sights, sounds, tastes, parades, covered bridges and wineries of the North Coast! It's a very surprising area that is under the radar of most people, even those that live here! Let's keep putting our heads together and make this place even better! a resource for planning what, where and when. You supply the Who and the Why to make a great story! We have today's Events here! Or, today and in the near future here!

Watch a choreographed slide show above of just some of the images captured by the D-Day Conneaut Photography Team over the last several years. Images courtesy of: Frank Brown, John Karapelou, Mary Ellen Kessler, Rich McBride, Mark Trzcinski, Wayne Heim. Video by Wayne Heim. Images copyrighted by each hotographer. If you enjoyed the video, please visit: and purchase a copy of the full DVD. All proceeds go to support this event. Our detailed info and schedule are here!

Plus, we have hundreds of "fun things to do"ideas! Be sure to look at all of the events, restaurants, bars, wineries, entertainment ideas on this site!! Or use the search box in the upper right to look for anything on the site!

Even if you've lived here your whole life you'll find many surprises on this site!! We're pretty sure our Sponsors and Featured Listings ideas are best bets to click on! An idea might also pop up if you click on our "Restaurants" tab in the upper left. Or, the "Show All" tab just to the right under today's top ideas. Actually, almost everything is "clickable" to find more information.

If you are an artist, photographer or videographer and would like to have your work showcased here, please contact us! We love to "show off" your work, Northeast Ohio! Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula Counties have so much to offer!

Again, we think NEO IS BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING! Loved seeing all the crowds out for fun! Explore our site, share it with friends and enjoy!

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